With reference to the current shortage of infant formula on America's grocery shelves, because migrants at the US border apparently get priority attention over tax paying citizens under the Biden regime, the question that begs to be asked is, how in the world did we devolve to this inability to feed our babies?

Today's "woman" doesn't even consider that God gave 'em breasts to naturally and reliably respond to their infants needs for solid nourishment AND bonding. The cosmetic industry and plastic surgery did this to us, and 'tits' are now Vanity's workshop. They no longer serve a utilitarian purpose.

If your life is too busy or stressful to nurse your baby, did you really WANT one in the first place~ or did ya presume having a newborn would finally fill the gaping hole in your soul, after everything ELSE you experimented with and presumed would do it, failed?

Far too many females think having a baby will fix everything inside them that's broken. They wanna be loved "unconditionally" by an infant, but have no idea of how to either give OR receive love. It's a crying shame.