Hmmm. Well folks, ya heard it here first: I've been trolling Twitter for a couple of weeks, 'cause they're still sending me (via email) notifications of other people's tweets, and I've posted some of em here, on Facebook.

Such a lotta RAGE from people on that site! BEFORE I was "permanently suspended" 4 years ago and joined Facebook to help me lick my social media wounds, I dropped off Twitter for a while, feeling it had gotten WAY too politically saturated.

In this regard, nothing has changed, in fact, it's gotten a lot worse! It's still a free for all, for anyone who has a political axe to grind, whether they're even remotely intelligent or not.

My point? I'm having second thoughts about returning, even if my account is reinstated. I've been feeling impatient for this to happen, but now I'm not sure I want it anymore. SO much vitriol, gobs of misinformation being hurled by people who know nothing about what's REALLY going on in this country~ and finally, it's like witnessing a virtual wrestling match, which I frankly view as a total waste of my time.

Twitter virtually oozes with negativity. It literally feels toxic, just visiting for a few minutes. Public forums are great~ but while I don't wanna come off as sour grapes here, the adversarial climate at Twitter is even more heinous and ludicrous than it was, long before I was kicked off. 

That's My update for today, folks. Twitter was my very first excursion into social media, and I had to be talked into it by a young female friend, years ago. I grew to love it as a medium within which I could share info about (mostly) Borderline Personality Disorder, and attract new visitors to my web articles at Now, it's merely a political RANT-fest.

I deeply wish Elon all the success and luck he richly deserves, but when a social media platform stops being a place where people can share valid information, helpful life hacks and intelligent views and ideas, it's just a place where folks who have no real life go to vent, and it's no longer FUN~ or good enough for Me.

I'm gonna try hard NOT to post too much more political stuff here on FB. It's difficult to temper my impassioned feelings about this decline that's happened to America in the past 2 years, but I promise you, I'm gonna TRY.

Thanks for reading, and God bless ya.

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