Women compete with each other, no matter how close and friendly they are. This is especially true around commercial holidays, like "Valentine's Day."

You wouldn't BELIEVE the interplay that goes on among gals who are coupled, about what Their BF's have planned for the occasion! This group-dialogue can span HOURS of course, each gal wanting to top the other with a grander story~ but why can't we see it as shallow??

Ladies, MOST MEN HATE COMMERCIAL HOLIDAYS! They feel trapped, coerced and resentful about having to accommodate Your romantic fantasies and accompanying expectations! This means, they resent YOU for making 'em jump thru hoops they have NO interest whatsoever, in doing.

A man can literally surprise his beloved with flowers, candy, sexy lingerie and various other thoughtful presents numerous times a year to express how much he cherishes her, but God help him, if he doesn't plan something "special" for V-day! In HER mind, all those other loving gestures don't count!

The absurdity of this shit makes men (and Me) crazy. Are you as a woman so insecure about your partner's warm feelings for you, ya force him to engage in elaborate gestures at holiday time, to PROVE IT??

If you EXPECT something from another (or they from You), can you ever relish the delight of receiving or giving a GIFT?? CAN anything that's expected, NOT rob one of the joy of Giving??

I guess I've never quite been able to relate to most females who seem painfully immature and silly and have fucked up values~ but it's never as obnoxiously obvious than it is around Valentine's Day.

Remember ladies, a present to you (WHATEVER form it takes) can't be tainted with ANY sense of obligation~ or it's no fucking "gift" at all. It's just one day during the year your partner dreads, which causes him to think: "Who do I have to fuck, to get OFF this movie?!"

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