Borderlines need rigid boundaries in order to feel safe and secure. Like small children, many turn to an organization or daily disciplined practice for guidelines on how to behave, how to think and what to believe. This makes them highly susceptible to ritualistic cults, fanatic religious sects and rigorous Buddhist or Yoga practices. These people are extremely gullible, naive and incapable of independent thought.

If you watch mainstream news, you may have noticed that every single anchor reporting on a current event, uses EXACTLY the same phrase to comment on the situation. It's like a universal script was sent to all news outlets (except Fox) and these so-called "reporters" all PARROT each other, each and every time they want to sound relevant.

Once a Borderline makes up his/her mind to follow a specific belief system and/or set of behaviors, they view everyone else who doesn't, as wrong, lacking, and needing to be coerced or converted into joining their camp. This cult-like behavior.

The more individuals they convince to think and behave like they do, the more righteous they feel every time a new member joins, and their beliefs are ratified. It confirms they are on the "right path," which helps assuage self-doubt and second-guessing.

Second-guessing the Self can be tormenting, but it's common among people who Think their way thru life rather than Feeling and Sensing their way along. 12-Step "recovery" programs in part, provide a much-needed sense of community to many who've never had opportunity to experience it before, but mass acceptance and confirmation keep em coming back.

Have you ever felt cornered by a bible thumper or a Jehovah's Witness?? If so, haven't you experienced the dogged type of fanaticism I'm describing here? Borderlines try to recruit you to their way of seeing the world, which is the FOUNDATION of the "woke" movement.

The Borderline personality is extremely narrow-minded. Any alternate ideation, concept or pattern of thought they encounter is immediately assessed as a threat to their sense of well-being. BPD is rampant within medical and psychotherapeutic communities. This surprising fact is due to vast numbers of emotionally underdeveloped people who enter helping professions, because it's far easier to try and fix someone else, than to repair what's broken inside of Us.

Millions of psychotherapists worldwide encourage their clients or patients to "feel" their feelings, yet fail to actually TEACH those in their practice HOW to start connecting with and experiencing their emotions. If faced with an alternate modality of treatment than they've learned or are accustomed to, no matter how intrigued or motivated they may be to heal themselves and start doing REAL repair work with their clients, their Ego resists and refutes the efficacy of new, unfamiliar methods.

Alas, being introduced to a significant shift in perspective might mean to them they've been "doing it wrong" for too long, which activates core shame, throwing one's sense of grandiosity off balance. Ego dystonia is the inevitable outcome of such an awareness. It MUST be discarded and buried, due to wounds it presents to one's narcissism.

Anything that forces the Self to re-examine or re-evaluate existing paradigms that were in many cases forged during one's struggle to SURVIVE, feels destabilizing and threatening to one's desire to thrive. The underdeveloped, immature Self resists and rejects any and all interventions that may promise to bring about positive, transformational outcomes, in favor of clinging to The Devil It Knows.

It's human nature to remain with what's familiar (even when it's painful), rather than risk stepping into the unknown. It's just the way we're wired.

Change feels destabilizing to ALL humans, which is why we instinctively resist it. Many of us struggled long and hard to reach a plateau of safety and stability, after childhood challenges and setbacks forced us to tenaciously seek answers and solutions to explain to us our pain.

Thus, the question that begs to be asked here, is, WHY THE FUCK MESS WITH WHAT'S BEEN WORKING FOR ME, IF I DON'T REALLY HAVE TO?

The answer is, humans are like sharks. Sharks have to keep moving (even in their sleep) or they die. Accepting and integrating change in ourselves is the nature of evolution~ and ya can't keep EVOLVING, unless you remain committed to learning, growing and healing.

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