Can anyone count how many TV ads DON'T show interracial couples these days? I've found almost none.

I don't believe in racial inequality. I'm not a "racist." But what is the actual BENEFIT of homogenizing us all ? What happens to individual beauty and uniqueness? Why is this exclusionary attitude toward same-race coupling being shoved down our throats?

I got lucky. I always wanted to be different from everyone else, and a white streak of hair above my forehead was my first physical manifestation of this desire, in my early 20's. I figured it might be a sign of more to come. It was~ though it became more about what's inside of me and irrepressible, than my veneer. You may have picked up on that by now.

Do YOU want everyone to look the same, decades from now? Can't we appreciate the uniquely magnificent features of a Thai woman, an African American man, or an East Indian child?

The running joke among some white folks is, "all blacks look the same." I suspect blacks often feel similarly about caucasians~ but isn't there great beauty to behold our physical differences?

Why all this subliminal advertising? What does it serve, other than to rob us of our uniqueness, and make us feel like being attracted to someone of our own race, is a bad or wrong thing?

Am I ALONE in this perspective? I have nothing against interracial marriage, nor have I ever. I have friends born of other races and ethnicities. This is not prejudice, nor is it racial bias. Everyone has the right to be attracted to whomever they wish.

I just want advertisers to balance the equation, and be more honest and equal in their representations of couples in commercials, so those who choose opposite-sex relationships and compatible race couplings don't feel brainwashed into thinking what we're being shown over and over again, is the new "norm."

This is a form of brainwashing, and I personally think we should boycott products of companies who pay ad agencies to propagate this shit, because subliminal programming was banned decades ago, and anyone engaging in it, is breaking the law.

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