What if we make serious relationship mistakes because of how we were programmed to think about love and interpret it when we were little?

I once heard Tony Robbins ask people in his audience when they felt the "most loved" in childhood.

Was it when... you were told "I love you?"

Was it when... your parents gave you a present?

Was it when... you received warmth and affection from a parent?

So many of us got told "I love you" by our parent, but how often were their actions toward us congruent with their words??

Many of us were given toys and bicycles and various other objects to entertain ourselves with as kids, and might THAT have become the currency of love for us in adulthood? ("I believe you really love me, only if you give me stuff.")

How many of us as children, learned to interpret that we were loved thru being lovingly touched, looked at adoringly, and receiving warmth and affection?

What made YOU feel the most loved as a child? If someone SAYS they love you, do you accept it's true without question~ even when their actions and behaviors are saying something entirely different than their words?

Think about it!

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