How many times have we stayed in a relationship, hoping to get our needs met? We've cajoled, set boundaries, reasoned, pleaded, explained HOW we need to be loved and cared for till we're blue in the face~ but nothing ever changes.

It's hard once we bond with someone, to walk away when it seems that nothing we say or do, has any real impact~ but bottom line, what makes us think we can TEACH someone how to love us?? Love and warmth flow naturally from a person who has the capacity to give them. Why then, do we remain with someone who doesn't?

So few are comfortable asking for what they need. As humans, we believe our beloved should magically INTUIT what we're needing or desiring, and fulfill that for us, right?? How many times have ya thought to yourself, "if I have to ASK for it, I'm forcing em to give what doesn't come naturally!" Well, you're right~ up to a point.

Asking your mate for a hug when ya need a little warmth or comforting, is WAY different from needing your close other to give you more time, understanding, attention, consideration, affection or intimacy. If you're consistently NOT getting these needs met in your primary relationship, there's something very wrong~ and no, you shouldn't have to fucking ASK for this stuff!

WHY? Because someone who's actually CAPABLE of adoring you can't HELP but meet these vitally important human needs. In fact, they'll often have a hard time keeping their hands off ya!

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