Your heart, brain and genitals are placed far apart in your body, so they can each function independently, yet harmoniously with each other. If one organ has an agenda the other two aren't on-board with, you end up with chaos, dissatisfaction and strife.

Your brain and heart gain education and wisdom as you grow. Your pussy or cock do not. They operate off the same stimulus they did from the time you were a pre-adolescent.

Attracted to someone?? First use your head, to determine if the data you've taken in about that person is solid and safe enough for your heart to open, receive and trust them.

As you age, your needs, priorities, and even values will shift and change. Make sure your partner can go the distance with you, once the sexual fireworks between you ease up (AND THEY WILL), and you're unable to ignore all the other aspects of that person, which didn't seem important to you at the start of your dance, because your body and brain were flooded with euphoria-producing chemicals.

Just a little sage wisdom~ because nobody else is ever gonna tell you about this stuff.

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