Under the banner of 'easier said than done,' try to remember that the condition of your life at any given time (for the most part), is what you've chosen.

If you're not getting what you want from your opposite or same-sex relationships, and you keep making excuses for them and accommodating the lack you feel with those people, it's because you don't feel deserving or worthy of attracting or being with people who emotionally nurture and satisfy you.

The REAL place to put your focus is on, "I am manifesting precisely what I'm wanting." This is so very true on a metaphysical plane, because that which we ACCEPT into our lives, we are content with. The Universe sees what we're engaging with and settling for, and sends more of it to us. Your words don't matter to the unseen powers that be, nearly as much as your actions. Are you chasing that which you really WANT~ of course you are. Because if you truly wanted something very different than what you're receiving, you'd be creating and manifesting that, instead.

You've heard me say many times: The relationship you HAVE, is the relationship you WANT. If you truly wanted a loving bond that deeply satisfied your emotional needs, you wouldn't stop looking for it no matter HOW many frogs you had to kiss before you found Prince (or Princess) Charming.

Not everyone is cut out for or adaptable to genuine and deep loving.That's okay, 'cause it's a little scary and intimidating. What's important, is growing to KNOW yourself intimately enough, to accept that you're not really wanting a deep, enduring bond, and stop heading into every new attachment with fantasies of Happily Ever After, in your romantic liaisons. You can HAVE happily ever after~ just not long=term, with one person!

Most of us don't trust love, based on our experiences in childhood with defective parents, and we're still clinging to the absurd notion that painful longing and yearning for someone's attention/affection define our sense of "true love." 

This notion is horseshit, because one who is CAPABLE of loving you back (reciprocating your affection and adoration) does NOT evoke these painful feelings in you! They're present and available to you. They don't show up sporadically and play "now ya see me, now ya don't" games. They are responsive to your feelings and needs, and genuine loving is never painful!

If you find your current connections are somehow lacking, it's because you can't actually handle MORE than what you're getting! Perhaps it's finally time to explore WHY you're so resistant to and/or afraid to love and bond fully.

Maybe what's comfortable for you, is simply having a series of monogamous relationships the rest of your life, and when they sour, moving onto the next. There's nothing WRONG with this, as long as you understand fully, that this is what you're choosing for yourself, and it perfectly suits your emotional needs.

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