Always check your supermarket receipts, before driving home! Did a brief market run today after picking up my car post-repairs. Brakes are working great, incidentally! My neighbor was kind enough to give me a lift over there.

Anyhow, I bought some catfood and found paper towels at a great price~ around $3.45 for 6 big roles. I'd double checked the sign just above the item, and stocked up with 2 packages. (I tend to buy stuff when I find it on sale, so given I was down to my last roll, I figured no time like the present!)

I had a $15 credit on my Ralphs card, but before they subtracted it I felt the bill was a bit high, given I'd barely purchased much. When I got to my car, I pulled out the receipt from my purse, and saw they'd charged me $6.99 per package of paper towels, with only a .60 credit on each for my "store membership."

I grabbed one of the paper towel packages and my receipt and marched back into the store. I pulled the sticky price tag off the shelf, and brought the matter to the attention of someone who looked like a manager. I didn't go rabid on em, I just nicely asked why they were marked at one price, and I was charged another.

Bottom line, I got the difference for those two purchases refunded. That's over nine bucks I wouldn't have had, if my intuition hadn't alerted me to check my sales receipt!

When ya shop at these stores, I think a lotta times you can trust em to ring your items up properly~ but sometimes ya can't. I always try to check my receipt before leaving the store, or closely watch the monitor as they barcode-check my stuff thru on the conveyor.

Anyhow, better to have the $9 in My pocket, than theirs! The man muttered something about "limit one per customer," but no such sign was posted.

What ya gotta understand about big grocery chains, is their attitude is, The Customer is Always Right. They don't get all Sherlock Holmes on ya~ they just wanna go on with taking care of their business (in THIS case, customers lining up to pay for their groceries)!

I know it seems like a small thing. I understand you might not think it's worth "the bother." But it's all the 'little things' like this that cumulatively impair your ability to THRIVE if you fail to address em, and don't take better care of you and your hard-earned money.