HOLY SHIT, Sherlock! I wanted to send my colleague and friend, Louise Hay's book, "Heal Your Body A to Z" and Amazon (who I use for literally EVERYTHING I purchase online), wanted $75 for it. I nearly fell off my fucking couch, from the sheer shock of it!

So, I did a general search, and found this book (my bible for decades, now) for around $11 on Barnes and Noble. With shipping and tax it comes to $18.03.

I've been lately having lower back pain, which has created a lot of discomfort in my hips (alternately, the right to left and back again). Having isolated the primary cause, I've been repeating Louise Hay's "new thought pattern" this morning for the lower back, and . . .


Now folks, I've struggled with this pain in my hips and lower back for about 6 weeks or more! I've been getting bids to redo the wood fencing around my property, and I suspect some 'old tapes' from when I was younger have been dancing around in my subconscious ("CAN I AFFORD this much-needed property improvement?").

Anyhow, Hay's book has been a lifesaver! As I type this, I am completely, miraculously, PAIN FREE !!! I repeated her "new thought pattern" (which used to be called "affirmations") out loud about 15 times or more, so that both my conscious AND subconscious minds could integrate it, with the hope my lower back (and hip) pains would at least diminish, and here it is:

"I trust the process of life. All I need is always taken care of. I am safe."

I always used this little book with clients in my practice, because it has literally worked WONDERS for Me. Maybe you can get yourself a copy, and it'll clear up some stuff in Your body, as well.

WAHOOOOO!!! It's feeling fabulous to be completely without pain today!

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