Most humans settle for less than they really WANT from a romantic involvement~ then proceed to spend months and years bitching about it, to whomever will listen.

If ya can't appreciate and enjoy hanging out with You, you're gonna set your relationship bar a lot lower, than if you relish your alone time, and connecting with hobbies and Self.

Under-satisfying or even toxic relationship choices today have reached epidemic proportions. Poor self-worth is the core of this issue~ yet, how many people are willing to mend this deficit for themselves under the right kind of care?? Precious few, from what I've seen.

Try to remember, the consciousness that got you INTO a bad or painful relationship dynamic keeps you choosing it over and over again. The exterior 'packaging' of a person you're attracted to might be different thru each new romantic excursion, but who they are on the INSIDE is identical to the last one who caused you strife and anguish.

There's only one fix for this shit. Learning that you cannot change another or MAKE them love you the way you need to be loved, is the first step toward growing and changing. None of us can heal or change another (unless they're paying you significant sums of money, and you have specialized skill sets that make their healing even possible)~ we can literally ONLY change and heal ourselves, which is a lot less appealing for those who really NEED a transformative therapeutic experience.

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  • You cannot resolve a situation with the same consciousness that created it.