If I'd married the man I was engaged to in my early 20's, my name woulda been Shari Master. Just think of the brilliant career as a dominatrix I coulda had!

My fiance was a good man, but I instinctively knew we couldn't make it work for the long-haul. I sometimes wonder what my life woulda been like, had I married and divorced.

Being a child of a broken home, I never wanted to find out. I also knew I didn't wanna have a child. He did, so right off the bat, we had a deal-breaker on the table.

I regret no decisions I've made in this lifetime. I always tried to exercise caution, circumspection and common sense~ even during times of duress, because I somehow knew that impulsive choices driven by fear or exuberance in the moment, were not likely to yield long-term positive results.

I honestly don't know where the fuck this wisdom came from for me, as a young woman. Perhaps it's learning I retained from a great number of precious lifetimes~ who can say?

Gotta tell ya though... I sure as hell am happy it's served me well in THIS one! I'm also grateful for having had a father who, when I expressed doubts about marrying David Master (long-deceased, now), said: "It's always easier taking ONE ring off, than two."

Thanks, Daddy. You gave me the courage to listen to my inner-voice, and I've been doing it ever since.

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