Inside the BPD Odyssey


This article is for survivors of a relationship that's had toxic consequences for them. It is not intended for anyone with BPD traits! If you suspect you have borderline personality features, what follows could feel injurious to you! Please leave this site immediately and seek alternative web content that may be more congruent with your personal views and needs. 
Thank you!


Getting involved with a Borderline can feel glorious. Remaining with one can feel torturous beyond your wildest imagination.

So many of my articles speak directly to what spawns Borderline Personality Disorder. Not only do they help you understand what makes them tick, they also uncover and explain the root of your attraction to this type of individual.

This piece reveals precisely how You feel, as a BPD relationship evolves past the Honeymoon stage. It's intended to help you learn that your experiences with a Borderline are not unique, so you can begin untangling the hold this person has over you, and begin to regain your sanity.

First, you'll feel a sense of disbelief when it starts going bad. You will think of this unexpected difficulty with the guy/gal you've fallen for, as a 'fluke' that's likely to be quickly remedied . . . until it isn't.

You will feel disappointment and frustration that your efforts to resolve a problem can't be talked through and rectified~ especially when it appears to be such a simple, trivial issue.

You'll feel disheartened that the more you try to resolve even a slight upset, the faster it escalates~ and in the process, the fault of that upset is always attributed to You!

You'll feel shocked and hurt by your lover's accusations, and the fact that he/she could view you so negatively! All of a sudden, you're seen by your lover as "selfish, mean, dishonest, hurtful, inconsiderate, weak/needy, evil," etc. This might not feel accurate and congruent with your self-view, but you'll start questioning yourself, just the same.

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