Okay, here's where I get to take off my healer hat, and have some fun. I'll share with you some great things I've found, and warn you about some things to avoid. If you're a seeker of quality, it's easy to be disappointed by the lack of it in our society. People used to take pride in their craft or service, but finding this level of integrity, commitment and work ethic today, seems a rare experience.


RAVE: Do you know about www.OldVersion.com? This is a fantastic site! You can find and download older versions of software there, "because newer, isn't always better." Various programs, upgrades and applications are available to you absolutely free! This site came in handy recently, for my older latop; its operating system can't support AOL's newer software, and I needed to reinstall their 8.0 version. AOL's phone tech took me there (yes, now and then they're actually helpful)! Make sure to save this site to your *favorites* and tell all your friends about it! PS: Here's another one of these sites, just in case you're needing more; www.versiondownload.com

RAVE: Rogaine. I absolutely love this stuff! My hair's been growing thick and full, after bouts of extreme shedding over the past couple decades. I'm using the extra-strength 5% Minoxidil (men's) formula. This is a colorless, odorless liquid that I apply only once a day ('cause I'm lazy), and it's worked real magic. Do not use this where you think you need it; I initially put it on my thinning hairline (in front), and ended up looking like a Werewolf! Honest to God, I had to wax off all the little black hairs growing on my face--but at least, I knew it worked. Follow directions! The 5% solution will last you six months, with once daily application. Chains like CVS Pharmacy sell it under their name; you'll save money with the generic, and get the same results. As for thinking you'll have to do this "the rest of your life," so what! You bathe and brush your teeth at least once a day, don't you?? PS: Costco sells this product, and I've seen it at my local (L.A.) Von's market, where you'll be able to $ave even more.

RANT: These damned TV commercials about protecting your kid against the Papilloma Virus! Read the truthhttp://GettinBetter.com/earlydetection.html (I've also posted about this issue on Twitter).

RAVE: I've found a fantastic bone density scan facility! After being quoted up to $800.00 (which is heinous), this resource does your lumbar region and hip for only $50.00! Live in Los Angeles county? Phone (213) 742-1376, book your appointment with Maureen--and say, "Shari sent me." Orthopedic Hospital, 2400 S. Flower Street, L.A. CA 90007.

RAVE: Dr. Richard Zoumalan~ the man who saved my face. I'd torn my lower lip in half after blacking out in the middle of the night from the pain of hernia surgery that morning. By the grace of God, this facial trauma (plastic) surgeon came at 4:40am to put Humpty Dumpty back together again. He's brilliant, as mine was "the worst lip trauma" he'd ever seen, and the fact you can't tell I was hurt 3-plus months later, is a testament to his genius. I'm sure he'll be doing my facelift one of these days. (310) 278-1900 in Beverly Hills, and say I sent you.

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