Aside from several pearls of wisdom I got from my parents that helped me make some important choices along my life path, I had no real mentors. Like you perhaps, I was a seeker of truth, growth and healing--and even when the going got tough and I wanted to give up, I somehow found the courage to keep climbing over obstacles that threatened to defeat me. I was fortunate to discover some books that were timely/appropriate to my quests or struggles, which helped me stay the course--and no doubt shaped me into the woman I am today. These were my mentors. Without ever intending it, has evolved into a gigantic self-help resource--thanks in part, to those books I voraciously devoured during my fledgling adult years. Now, I'm sharing a few of them with you. As with any resource material (including mine), take what's salient and meaningful to you, and leave the rest.


DO YOU LOVE TO BE NEEDED, OR NEED TO BE LOVED? I have finally gotten my first book published. Think of it as a primer on Codependency, and the core trauma wounds that spawn and perpetuate it. It's somewhat autobiographical, and delineates how I went about helping people heal. Look for it on Amazon and buy the softcover version (which I recommend), or get the e-book on Kindle.

The Drama of the Gifted Child, by Alice Miller (and/or any other books from this author). Miller's had a profound influence on my writings and work.

Many Lives, Many Masters, by Brian L. Weiss, M.D. I absolutely loved this book! It's the most fascinating study of clinical hypnotherapy and past-life issues I've ever read.e ever come across. A surprising, revolutionary and
I Don't Want to Talk About It"Overcoming the Secret Legacy of Male Depression, by Terrance Real. For fatherless sons and mother-enmeshed males.

Passionate Marriage, by David Schnarch, Ph.D. (About keeping passion alive throughout a long-term relationship, and the courage it takes to love fully.)

You Can't Afford the Luxury of a Negative Thought, by Peter McWilliams The most prolific man I've ever had the pleasure to know, who was way ahead of his time. A prodigious talent, who expired far too young.

Feel The Fear and Do It Anyway, by Dr. Susan Jeffers ~This one got me unstuck during my mid-life crisis (at 39). Excellent and invaluable!

Understanding the Borderline Mother, by Christine Ann Lawson ~ a bit lengthy and intricate, but mostly relate-able. A lotta work went into writing this book, and ya gotta appreciate that.

Is It Love Or Is It Addiction?, by Brenda Schaeffer, Ph.D. Excellent, if you think you're a "love addict" (there's no such thing, incidentally).

The Law of Attraction, by Michael J. Losier (A metaphysical guide that helps you dismantle the resistance you have to your affirmations, so they can actually work!)

Heal Your Body, by Louise Hay (My personal and professional bible.)

Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life, by Karen Rauch Carter (Basically, Feng Shui for Dummies. Straightforward, simple and delightfully humorous.)

Date Like A MAN, by Myreah Moore (Smart dating tips for women, so they can avoid disappointment and pain.)

DSM-IV Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (This book could've saved me years of schooling. Just kidding--well, not really.)

Loving a Younger Man, by Victoria Houston (true, surprising insights)

Your Erroneous Zones, by Wayne Dyer (read it when I was still in the crib)

The Road Less Traveled, by Scott Peck (also read as a young adult)

Eat Right 4/for Your Type, by Peter D'Adamo (Your blood-type determines what foods work well for your body, and which ones don't. Years back, I was eating a lot of Brussles sprouts, thinking I was doing my body good with that cancer-fighting vegetable--but I was exhausted all the time! This book taught me that my blood type (O+) is typically borderline-low thyroid, and cruciferous (kroo-siffer-us) vegetables contain a chemical which inhibits thyroid hormone production! I still love to eat cabbage, Brussles sprouts and cauliflower occasionally--but I'm cautious about how much I consume, and when I indulge.

Fit 4 Life, by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond (The principle of proper food combining changed my life. When I heard the Diamonds being interviewed on radio while driving in my car one day, I'd only caught the tail end of that show where they talked about food digestion and assimilation, and their methods seemed like a much healthier way to eat. Well, the unintended by-product, was weight loss--I hadn't even heard that part of the broadcast! I do not follow the Diamond's recommendation for the types of foods to be eaten at different times of the day, 'cause I'm carb-sensitive, and proteins and veggies work best for my energy and focus. Oatmeal for instance, is like a sleeping pill for my body, because type-O's don't do well with grains--but I might enjoy a bowl, if I can't get to sleep at night! If you're above 15 lbs. overweight, you might wanna find out what's eating You.) is an excellent source for buying books (new and used) at the price you wanna spend.

Many of you have asked when my own books will be available for purchase (God bless you). A good number of my articles will be bound and published in the not too distant future, and thankfully one that tops this list, already has! But why buy the cow, when you can get the milk for free? Well my darlings, chances are I'm not gonna live forever (damn it), and I want this material to be accessible and available long after I am. Besides, you may wanna give one of those books to a friend, family member or foe, and what better way to help them learn, heal and grow?