A lotta people shy away from meaningful inner work that has the power to transform them, in terms of growth and healing. You wouldn't think this is true, but it's a human nature facet that's far more common than not.

A primary reason this happens for so many, is a "commitment" issue. Many think that if they START reparative work, they must stay with it, until inner healing and substantial development is accomplished. This is true, if one's journey into wellness is to be accomplished within a year or less~ even though we continue to grow and evolve lifelong, whether we're hyper-focused on it or not.

I've always liked to just start. See where a session goes, and be present enough to address whatever emerges in the moment. Sometimes, great movement for the client can come from these little excursions. If someone can feel heard, understood and safe, it's their option to book another meeting, or not.

Many do not. One reason for this, is fear. When we become aware of or enlightened about the deep wounds inside that keep us from reaching our goals or finding real and abiding love, we sort of stand at the base of a mountain that appears impossible to climb, and a sense of overwhelm makes us wanna turn away and run.

If you think this is a unique experience within human nature, you're dead wrong~ yet far too many people feel ashamed about experiencing what might feel like a sense of futility. This is always a natural byproduct of feeling 'overwhelm' no matter what the baseline trigger for it is~ this is just plain ol' human nature.

I'm highlighting this concern today for ya, because it's so very common. At its core, the resistance people feel has to do with fear of surrendering their independence. I think of independence as being our sense of Self. If we've struggled for a long time en-route to feeling somewhat stable, it doesn't matter how we got there, even if the road was fraught with obstacles and defenses we'd relied on, in order to arrive.

Contemplating not needing those defenses and obstacles anymore, is a scary thing~ because they've become our constant companions on this journey, and we can't imagine being willing to navigate our life without em! It'd feel kinda like getting severed from a conjoined twin we'd learned very well how to move around with, lifelong.

People SAY they want to be rid of their anxiety and panic issues, but stay in treatment with a therapist for YEARS, without any resolution or healing of this issue. It's hard for most of us to understand why this happens, but think of it this way:

If you kept getting bad or under-satisfying haircuts from your stylist, and a friend refers you to someone they've had outstanding results with, will you take the risk of meeting and consulting with that new person~ or does fear of the UNKNOWN stop you from exploring whether you can finally get your needs met?

For many who keep complaining about what's missing in their life, yet never risk making a change, it's FAR more comfortable for 'em to remain with The Devil they Know. At least their outcomes are predictable~ even if unfavorable.

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