Surmounting Sex Addiction does NOT require abstaining from sex, porn or masturbation. It merely requires that you learn how to endure the feelings in your body that have always prompted you to distract yourself with acting-out behaviors, to avoid them.

Sex addiction is NOT a "disease," any more than any other 'addiction' is. Looking at addiction thru the lens of DISEASE, means it's incurable. It suggests you'll always have to battle temptations, urges and cravings. It means abstinence from the most normal, natural God-given human drive we have available to us. It means denying yourself pleasure.

I recently re-watched a Netflix film called, "Thanks for sharing." I didn't mean to re-watch it, but I sometimes forget what titles I've seen, and if a film looks interesting, I'll at least start viewing it. This is a solid and good, dramatic film starring Mark Ruffalo (how can ya go wrong?).

My only gripe about this movie, is that sex addiction kept being referred to as "a disease," and given how naive the recovery industry is, and how they want you to spend tens of thousands of dollars in rehab facilities, I guess "Disease" is a convenient label to out on people who've simply dissociated from difficult emotions lifelong, rather than FEELING them in the body.

There's always so much stigma that surrounds addiction. Millions dissociate from various emotions lifelong, but we don't shame someone who over-eats when they do, the way we look down on someone hooked on booze, heroin, opioids, porn or sex. Especially, SEX.

"Sex addiction" is one of the easiest conditions to overcome, with the right kind of assistance. It truly is. Sexual urges merely represent a facet of who we are. They're not shameful, and should never be regarded as such. We don't shame ourselves for being hungry or thirsty, so why make ourselves feel ashamed for needing sex??

My article written years back, addresses the real cause of all addiction. I'm proud of that piece, and plan to publish it in book form, in the not too distant future. It takes a remarkably surprising and unconventional look at addiction, because it feels like high-time SOMEBODY did.

The link to "OUTGROWING YOUR ADDICTION, The Little Book" is right below. IF you struggle with shame about wanting to enjoy sex or porn and you'd like to unload some of what makes ya feel so BAD about it, all ya need to do is call, 323 936-3637~ but first, read this:  

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