Just so ya know... when you publish a book, you get bombarded for years with calls from marketing agencies that wanna promote it. You can tell they want your money to do this, because they start off by blowing smoke up your ass about "how valuable" they believe your publication to be.

The average writer is flattered by this stuff. It's easy to give into temptation, and pay 'em upwards of $2000 to bring a lot of attention to your book to increase sales of it. There's no guaranteed whatever efforts they make toward that aim will pay off for you, incidentally~ but these companies bank on people being insecure and naive.

I still GET these calls, 3+ years after publishing, DO YOU LOVE TO BE NEEDED, OR NEED TO BE LOVED? and I can't help but find it amusing. Sometimes when I'm in the mood to entertain myself, I actually ANSWER one of these calls (they seldom leave a VM), and suggest they stop beating around the bush and tell me how much they want me to pay 'em for the privilege of having them "market" my book!

All I can say at this juncture is, thank God I have a splendid sense of worth and self-esteem, and I feel totally content letting my caller ID save me from incurring a lot of aggravation.

EVERY writer hopes their manuscript will gain favor with the public~ but I personally believe that ya gotta just put your brilliance out into the world, and let the chips fall where they may. For a self-enlightenment book, I'm grateful mine has sold so well.

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