Everyone SAYS they want happiness, but millions all over the globe in very subtle ways, block themselves from attaining it. This issue is related to an anxiety trigger, which CAN be rectified with the right kind of help.

Former clients have actually said to me, "if I don't have some level of discontent or pain in my life, I get nervous." The sensations that come up around feeling "too good," are anxiety-related. This is an individual who's always waiting for the other shoe to drop, and it's the 'leftover' from a deeply programmed superstition they could not help but construct during childhood.

THIS CAN BE FIXED, and you may call and speak with me about it, if you wish.

My "Overcoming Anxiety" course online, addresses this most common form of anxiety, which millions learn to live with~ but the PROBLEM is, it continues to block them from achieving real joy and contentment!

Let me put it to you this way: If every time you feel stable, good, light feelings for more than a few seconds, you immediately go up into your head and worry about what terrible fate could rip those away from you, how can you EVER make headway with reaching your happiness goal??

In the therapeutic world, this issue is called, "approach-avoidance." You think you WANT something, but you're afraid to let yourself HAVE it. Thus, you're basically another statistic who lives a life of dissatisfaction and pain, and are resigned to allowing it to continue, because authentic "Happiness" is too scary for you to welcome.

I know this speaks to many of you. It seems like a small issue, because if you just don't let yourself feel TOO happy, you can get by and keep living whatever life you've constructed for yourself, that can't accommodate success, contentment, inner-peace, love, joy or glee. That's really okay. It's an understandable choice...

but it's really important for you to understand that it doesn't have to be your permanent one!

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