Has anyone ever told you about an interaction you both had many years ago, and you have absolutely NO RECALL OF IT? When this happens, it feels phenomenological. You think to yourself, how does this person have such vivid memory of that event, and My mind's a total blank on it?!

I've thought a lot about this stuff for a long, long time. The only thing that makes sense to Me about it is, the event in question meant a whole lot more to the other person, than it did to you. It's indelibly etched in their memory bank, due to its significance to Them at the time ~ but it didn't carry much weight for You (which is perfectly fine).

IF (for example) someone’s had sexual fantasies or romantic ideation about you, every little gesture on your part, or activity you shared might have had far greater impact and importance for them, than it did for you~ especially if you didn't share their feelings!

So, the upshot is, if someone on your life remembers an event differently than you, OR you have no memory of it at all, fear not~ you aren't losing your faculties! Alzheimer's isn't kicking in, and there's no need to panic. There’s no sense in trying to make ‘em wrong for their memory of events, because it's often simply a matter of how one person takes-in and subjectively relates to an experience differently than another, and that's all there is to it.

Makes sense, doesn't it?

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