It's easy to call ourselves "emotionally available," when we have deep emotions for someone who isn't~ but we're NOT.

That painful longing and yearning you FEEL inside for another isn't love. It's merely your distorted definition of what "love" is supposed to feel like, solely BASED ON unrequited affection you felt as a baby and young child for a mom who wasn't equipped to return your adoration.

So many poor souls "fall in love with" the wrong people, due to this skewed experience of loving, when they were young. So the rest of their lives, they're attaching to people who force em to feel that old, primal longing to have their love returned, and they think it's the "real deal," because the sensations in their body are so intense!

REAL love is never painful, m'dears. It feels satisfying, calm, nourishing, easy, mutual, comforting, secure and SAFE. Does this sound boring to you??

Yah, I thought so.

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